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118 north main street                            salisbury, nc                            704-639-2600

HOURS OF OPERATION:   Monday - Saturday    5pm - 10pm

First Flavors and Mash-tini’s

Pimento Pate 6
with seasoned lavash chips

Flash Fried Okra 6
Country ham remoulade

Salmon Cakes                       8
with white cocktail sauce

Fried Green Tomatoes 6
with roasted corn salsa layered with Pimento cheese

Blackened Shrimp Mashtini 7
with shredded spinach, diced red tomato, red onion, cilantro & tomato mayo

Shredded Short Rib Mashtini 6
with Cheerwine BBQ sauce, white cheddar and manchego grits

Chicken and Bacon Mashtini 6
with manchego grits, white cheddar & a drizzle of ranch dressing

Cured Salmon Mashtini 6
with creamy leek mashed potato, mancego cheese & white balsamic vinaigrette

Seared Scallop Mashtini 7
with creamy leek mashed potato and a red eye gravy

Flat Bread Delights

Chicken 10
Fresh okra, bacon, and ranch dressing topped with arugula and diced tomatoes

Pulled Pork  9
with BBQ sauce, white cheddar cheese chow chow

Lobster and Shrimp 15
with she crab base, white cheddar cheese, manchego cheese, and baby spinach

Soup and Salads

Crab and Lobster BisqueCup  5Bowl  7

Soup Of The DayCup  3Bowl  5

House Salad 6
with a low country spring mix, candied pecans and country ham bits

Southern Caesar Salad 7
with garlic grit croutons and fried okra

Wedgie 6
baby iceberg lettuce smoked bacon and homemade bleu cheese

From the Iron
All Entrees are served with a side of your choice

Tobacco Road Dusted Rib Eye Steak 26
with Kentucky Bourbon Butter

Salisbury Peach Chicken 15
Egg crusted Chicken finished with Southern Comfort peach cream sauce

Half Herb Roasted Chicken 17
served over Yadkin River risotto and topped with a lemon au jus

Lobster Mac and Cheese 18
white cheddar, butter poached lobster

Beef Short Ribs                                 17
Cheerwine BBQ reduction sauce over manchego grits

Blue and Blue Pork Rib Eye                                         21
8oz. pork rib eye seasoned to perfection topped with a savory blueberry       reduction and crumbled bleu cheese with creamy leek potatoes

Whole Boneless Stuffed Rainbow Trout 25
stuffed with lobster & crab finished with a green tomato butter sauce &       manchego grits

Potato Crusted Salmon 22
golden brown ribbon wrapped salmon served over fresh sauteed spinach with smoked tomato beurre blanc & manchego grits

Blackened Trio Risotto            26
perfectly blackened shrimp & scallops served over top of lobster risotto

Chef V’s Shrimp & Grits         17
shrimp & grits with tasso ham, okra, sauteed vegetables mixed in our                 creamy southern she crab soup

On The Side

Manchego Grits  3

Southern Mac and Cheese               4

Cider Braised Kale  3

Yukon and Leek Mashed Potatoes   3

Small Wedge Salad  4

Small House Salad  4

Small Caesar Salad  4

Stewed Cream Corn                                                                 3


Ask your serving about our nightly dessert offerings